About Christmas International House

Christmas International House is a program of friendship and hospitality, connecting international college and university students and scholars with host communities for a homestay program during the winter break. 


Our Mission:

To open our homes and hearts to international college and university students and scholars during winter break, bringing together those from diverse cultures and nations to experience friendship and hospitality; to understand that what we have in common is stronger than our differences.


Our Vision:

International college and university students and scholars: will be enriched by friendships with Americans and other Internationals; have a positive experience of being hosted in an American home; have a deeper understanding of Christmas traditions and practices; and exposed to a community other than their college/university.


American hosts: will be changed through cross-cultural friendships; grow international understanding and perspectives; and deepened respect for internationals.


Host Communities: will be transformed by the ministry of hospitality to international students; grow cultural awareness; and gain greater understanding of roles and opportunities as global citizens.


Our Students Say:

“I learned a lot of things you can’t learn in school.  It is a great way to understand American history, customs, traditions, culture and religions.”


“I learned that American people are so warm, friendly and hospitable, not self-centered and insular as my government portrays.”


An International Student Director Says:

Most of my exchange students have been utilizing the CIH program for many years.  All have returned with wonderful memories and experiences.  To quote a few: "I have found my second Mom", "I was invited back for the next break."  The CIH family consists of extraordinary folks who deeply care about their fellow human beings!  CIH is a wonderful addition and extension to our program and I am grateful for its existence.


Sabine M. Eastham 

Director of International Student Programs

Lindsey Wilson College, KY