What is Christmas International House (CIH)?


International Students are invited to be the guest of an American host community over the winter break and celebrate Christmas with us!


Christmas International House (CIH) is a program of friendship and hospitality for international college and university students and scholars over the winter break. For many students, Christmas is a lonely time when the dormitories and food services close, American students return home, and international students may be unable to return home for Christmas. Any international student or scholar (student F-1 or J-1 visa, over 18 years of age), who is currently enrolled in a US College or University, is invited to participate.


Students will truly get to know a group of Americans and experience first-hand how they celebrate Christmas.  Most programs offer a combination of a home-stay and group activities or may be combined with some time as a group stay.  All our programs have unique offerings.  See our Locations page to learn more about our specific programs.



The Application Process


During the registration period (in a normal year, this would be September 15-November 17), international students may apply for CIH.  During the normal registration period, the registration fee is $239. You may request a scholarship here.  Students will be approved through the National Office to participate and then Program Directors will accept students until their programs are full.  After being placed in a CIH Program and receiving an email from the program director, then students should then make travel arrangements. Some programs collect a program fee for admission fees and local expenses.  See the Locations pages to learn more about our Programs.


Go to the Application Process Page for more details.





“A golden opportunity to make good, strong, healthy relationships with people across the world.

The hosts are really nice, kind, and loving.”

- a CIH Student