Each host community plans a program of activities for its group of students for the weeks before and after Christmas.  Students stay in private homes or group housing and get to know local families through shared meals and parties, joint sightseeing and daily excursions. 


Many of the host communities are local churches.  Through CIH, the congregations get a chance to know people from other parts of the world and to express their “love for the sojourner.”  Some students are Christian; but many are not and students of all faiths are welcome. Christmas International House is a program of hospitality and friendship rather than an evangelistic program.  Faith is shared through love and actions.  Dialogue and exchanging ideas are encouraged.




When a community agrees to sponsor a Christmas International House, it agrees to cover the bulk of the local expenses of its group, including room, meals and some entertainment.  Participating students pay an application fee to the National Office in Atlanta, GA which oversees the registration and placement process.  Students are also responsible for their transportation to and from the local community, and programs may collect a program fee to defray some local sightseeing costs.  Some of our churches have a budget for CIH in their ministry or mission budget. 




The Christmas International House National Office is under the Atlanta Ministry with International Students, Inc. (AMIS). AMIS is a Christian ministry of friendship and hospitality with International Students that has served the Atlanta, GA community since 1978.  Since 1973, CIH was operated from Atlanta and moved under the umbrella of AMIS in 2001.  The National Office is responsible for the notification of over 600 international student advisers, chaplains or campus ministries on college and university campuses around the U.S. about available CIH Programs.  It promotes the enlistment of new host programs and advises interested communities.  The host programs get suggestions and ideas through materials developed for Christmas International House.


An International student should indicate three different choices on the application form, and is then assigned by the Registrar to a particular program following placement by the individual Program’s director(s). The Program director then communicates with the students about travel arrangements and prepares the students coming to their community.


The National Christmas International House Advisory Committee (accountable to the AMIS Board of Directors), represents local host programs, international student advisers, and participating groups. They meet in February or March of each year to review student and community evaluations of the most recent program and to make plans for the coming year’s Christmas International House.


Meet our Staff and NCIH Advisory Committee members (Click Here)



Mission Committees, Peacemaking Committees, and Outreach Committees in your local congregations and community organizations are invited to consider the CIH program as a mission ministry and a peacemaking program in the life of your local congregation and community.  In the 21st century and after 9/11/01, we are called upon as the people of God to be peacemakers as Christians and citizens of the U.S.A.  We must lead the world in global understanding of cultures, religions, languages, and human relationships based on dignity and respect of all people.  Friendship and hospitality through Christmas International House will help our communities to experience our global village on a personal basis through love, acceptance, justice and peace.



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