….that it’s Christmas.  You are a college student, attending school on another continent, and you can’t afford to go home for the holidays.  The dorms are closing and all of your new American friends are headed home.  What will you do for the next two weeks?


Christmas International House provides one answer to that question

for international students.


Over 1 million international students are currently studying in the US from around the world. These students - their country’s best and brightest - are the future leaders of the world.  Many of them will leave the US without stepping into an American home or making a significant American friend.  Help us show hospitality to these students and give them a positive view of Americans while sowing the seeds of peace around the world.


We need HOSTS to join us in this ministry of friendship and hospitality by welcoming international students in their homes around Christmas.


Consider becoming a Christmas International House host community, click Getting Started to learn more.


Our Hosts Say:

“The students brightened our Christmas holiday so much that we quickly realized this was a delightful way to share our gifts of hospitality and faith with the young people of the world.”


“[CIH] provides a real handle where our church members can actually take hold and give of themselves in personal relationships which involve the whole world.”



Take a look at the Kansas City CIH Program on YouTube:


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