Lithia, FL


Welcome! Cedarkirk is a conference center located 45 minutes from Tampa, FL and we have been hosting CIH since the mid 1970’s. We partner with local families so part of your time is spent at Cedarkirk and part of your time with families (Dec. 23rd –Dec. 27th). We will also spend one night in Lake Buena Vista Resort to allow for a two day visit to Disney parks of your choice.

As a thank you to the host families we plan an international dinner where each student prepares a dish from his or her home country to share with others. We end the evening with a talent show where you will present a talent or simply share something about your home country with the group. This is always a highlight of the time with the program. In fact, though most students are excited about the visits to the theme parks and beaches, it is the time spent together sharing stories and meals that is most memorable. It is for this reason we strongly encourage you to join in all the activities to build a strong community with one another.




What to Expect:
The temperature can range from as cold as 30F at night to as hot as 80F during the day. It is important to bring clothes for varying temperatures. Also, you will need clothes for activities that vary from beach and outdoor camp activities to church. If you have traditional wear from your country that you can bring for the international dinner this would also be nice. We begin the program on Dec. 18th but it is ok if you cannot arrive until the 19th. In order to get the price on the hotel we need all to pay $51 each. This is not optional since there is a fixed price for the rooms regardless of how many choose to go. However, the Disney tickets are optional. You may purchase a two day pass or a one day pass and spend the second day at the hotel and Down Town Disney if you prefer to save money. You can also choose between any of the Disney Parks (EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios). You will be responsible for your ticket purchase and all food costs during our stay in Orlando (December 21 and 22). 

We will provide transportation to and from any Tampa airport or train or bus station. We ask that you book arrivals no later than 10:00pm and departures no earlier than 8:00am. Again, we need you to arrive on the 18th or 19th, departures on January 2nd.

Below is a tentative schedule:
Dec. 18 Arrival
Dec. 19/20 Camp activities, shopping, and church
Dec. 21/22 Orlando trip (Cost: Hotel $51, Ticket: $115 to $205 {1 or 2 day} plus 5 meals)
Dec. 23-27 Time with host families
Dec. 28 Beach/International dinner planning
Dec. 29 To Be Determined (Busch Gardens, Florida Aquarium, or local museums)
Dec. 30 International Dinner
Dec. 31 Beach; ring in the new year at “First Night” in St. Petersburg (responsible for your own
Jan 1 Sleep in; relax at Cedarkirk; early departures
Jan 2 Final departures

Program Size:  13
Program Type:  Combination
Accommodations:  Single Students (Male & Female)
Clothing Suggestions:  Warm clothes for possible cold evenings, swimming and sports clothes for daytime activities.
Suggested Cash:  $220-$310 for theme park visits, one night hotel, and 5 meals
Program Dates:  12/18/2018 to 01/02/2019
Stay Options:  Entire Program Only (Both Weeks)
Airport:  Tampa International Airport
Train Depot:  AMTRAK - Tampa
Bus Depot:  Greyhound Bus Lines - Tampa
Driving Directions:  On request
Weather Forecast:  Mild to cool weather
Local Attractions:  Tampa, canoeing, high wall climbing, high ropes, Busch Gardens, Disney Theme Parks, beaches
Program Web Site: