Christmas is the season when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and share with others the joy of God's love for all people.     Many churches and communities, therefore, find CIH an appropriate way to enable international students to participate in the holiday season with families.   

Christmas International House is hosted by congregations from various church denominations, councils of churches and civic organizations.     The programs currently availble are listed below.    You can learn more about each location by clicking on the name.

GAAtlantaAMISAccepting ApplicationsHome StaySingles & Married
GAAtlantaAMIS-week OneAccepting ApplicationsHome StaySingle Students (Male & Female)
COBayfieldFour CornersAccepting ApplicationsHome StaySingle Students (Male & Female)
MIChelseaChelseaAccepting ApplicationsHome StaySingle Students (Male & Female)
ILChicagoChicago - Beverly Hills neighborhoodAccepting ApplicationsHome StayFemale Students Only
PAEphrataEphrataFilledHome StayFemale Students Only
SCFort MillFort MillAccepting ApplicationsHome StaySingles & Married
KSKansas CityKansas City - Both Weeks OnlyAccepting ApplicationsHome StaySingle Students (Male & Female)
PAEast EarlLancaster County CIHFilledHome StayFemale Students Only
FLLithiaLithiaAccepting ApplicationsCombinationSingle Students (Male & Female)
FLOrange ParkOrange ParkFilledHome StayFemale Students Only
GASavannahSavannahAccepting ApplicationsGroup StayFemale Students Only
FLSt AugustineSt AugustineFilledHome StayFemale Students Only
CAMalibuMalibuFilledHome StayFemale Students Only

You may indicate your top three preferences on your application.    We encourage you to list other acceptable locations in case all of your preferred programs are filled.    You may do this in the Other Information notes on your application.

(1)  -  Application Status Legend
Pending The program is being developed and will begin accepting applications shortly.
Accepting Applications Program has openings available and is accepting applications.
Filled Waiting List Program has been filled but is accepting names for a waiting list.    Students placed on a waiting list are NOT guaranteed acceptance into the program.    Students placed on a waiting list WILL have their application fee refunded in the event they are not placed into a program.
Filled Program has been filled and is no longer accepting applications.
Closed Program is not operating this year.

(2)  -  Program Type Legend
Home Stay A Host Family Program offers students housing in a host family‚Äôs home.   However, some activities, meals, and programming may be planned together as a group.   Host Family Programs allow for close contact between students and their hosts.   American homes are different from what many students are accustomed.    The informal relaxed atmosphere makes for a good experience.
Group Stay In Group Housing Programs, students are housed together in one location: at a church, church camp, or conference center, rather than in a home with a family.  Men and women have separate sleeping areas.    Most of the planned activities will take place with other students, however, students will be in homes for some meals and for short periods of time, such as Sundays, Christmas and New Years Day, and possibly will experience a short home stay with an American family.
Combination You will be living with a family for a few days during your stay.    The remainder of your visit will be in a group stay environment.

Christmas International House is hosted in many cities and towns.  Learn more about each by clicking the pins on the map.   There may not be openings available in each city listed.  Refer to the above list of locations for programs currently available.